In order to find out if Dr. Doggett is a provider for your insurance plan there are several options available. The first one is to look on the back of your insurance card for an 800 number. Call it to find out if Dr. Doggett is a provider participating in your plan.

Another easy method is to do a provider search on your insurance plan's website. Again, most of these are listed on the back of your insurance card. If you don't know or have ready access to your provider's web address you can easily find it using one of the many ready available search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

Finally, our insurance department will be happy to assist if you are having difficulty. We will be glad to help you in your research or will find out for you if we are provided with the necessary data.

You may e-mail the required information to . The necessary information is as follows;

  1. Specific name of the plan. Example: Unicare PPO, Blue Cross health Select, etc.
  2. ID Number and group number
  3. Name of the primary card holder.
  4. Date of birth of the primary card holder.
  5. Name of the patient being treated.
  6. Date of birth of the patient being treated.

We currently participate in around two hundred health plans. Our participation in any particular plan is subject to change at any time, so it is not practical to list all of them.

We accept and file insurance as a courtesy to our patients. However, the patient or their guarantor is ultimately responsible for payment should their plan not pay for any reason.

Please feel free to call 254-965-5888 and ask for our insurance department to provide you with assistance.


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